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Fibrillated Mesh Fibres

We supply high quality prepared Concrete Additives Based On Chemically Surface Treated Virgin Polypropylene Fibresadditives Concrete admixtures based on PP fibres its based on chemically surface treated 100% Virgin High Tenacity Polypropylene Fibres of graded lengths for cements, mortars (plasters) and concretes manufactured from highest quality raw material. These are widely used in construction industry for various applications such as plastering, concrete slabs / flooring, roof slabs, water retaining structures, precast components, shotcrete / guniting, waterproofing etc. These are available in various combinations and at highly competitive prices.

Modified Acrylic Waterproofing Coatings

We manufacture a wide range of Modified Acrylic Coatings for Waterproofing. These are manufactured from best quality raw materials to give ultimate performance. In our range, we offer Dual Purpose Waterproofing Cum Solar Heat Gain (SHG) Reduction Coating : SEAL-N-COOL and Modified Acrylic Emulsion Polymer Coating: CEMACRYL.

PP Fibres For Waterproofing Coating

PP Fibres For Waterproofing Coating are our combination of Multifilament Straight Fibres Fibrillated Mesh Fibres "NOKRACK" is chemically surface treated 100% Virgin high tenacity polypropylene fibre based concrete additive and is available in graded lengths for use in water retaining slabs / structures. It is available in multiples of 10 mm & 20 mm to give 3D micro-reinforcement. This is to be used as micro reinforcement at minimum of 0.9 kg/m3 of concrete. NOKRACK complies with ASTM C 1116 and ACI committee report 544-1R.

Acrylic Emulsion Polymer Waterproofing Coating

Acrylic Emulsion Polymer Waterproofing Coating CEMACRYL is high performance waterproofing coating based on modified acrylic emulsion polymer.

This is dual purpose product which can be used directly as waterproofing coating OR also to modify cementitious mortars and plasters to make them waterproof.

When added to plasters and cementitious mortars, CEMACRYL improves their waterproofing ability, their ability to bond to concrete, masonry and wood, improves their flexural strength, impact resistance and abrasion resistance.

When applied as waterproofing coating, CEMACRYL gives excellent results for roof top slabs, water tanks, swimming pools, sunken slabs & any other wet slabs / retaining walls etc.

Acrylic Putty

We offer Acrylic Putty that is used widely as a cost effective solution for repairing cracked plasters & brickbat coba. These are safe & easy to apply. These are also used for coating walls of water retaining structures.

Polymer Emulsion

We manufacture Polymer Emulsion that are highly effective bonding agents.

Multifilament Straight Fibres

Multifilament Straight Fibres (STRONGPLAST) is chemically surface treated 100% Virgin high tenacity polypropylene straight fibre based cement, mortar (plaster) and concrete additive and is available in graded lengths. It provides 3-D micro-reinforcement to plasters as well as concretes. These are available in multiples of 3 mm, 5 mm and 6 mm. This product is used @ 0.9 kg /mof plaster or concrete (minimum). STRONGPLAST complies with ASTM C 1116 and ACI committee report 544-1R.

Floor Hardeners

We manufacture Metallic Floor Hardeners [DURONITE(S) & (R)] as well as Non-Metallic Floor Hardeners [DURONITE-QZ]. These improve the wear and abrasion resistance of the slabs and help in increasing the life of industrial floors and slabs on ground. When used along with our polypropylene fibres (for improving impact resistance), an excellent quality Impact and Abrasion Resistant flooring is achieved. With proper mix design and slab design given by the consulting engineers, Crack Control Steel (Welded Wire Mesh) can be eliminated from floor slabs.

Mosquito Killing System

MOZZZART works on the principle of luring, trapping and killing femal and male mosquitoes. Human being & other mammals exhale CO2 round the clock. This is the primary lure for female mosquitoes.
CO2 is generated In-situ from the volatile organic compounds (odours / smells) in the ambient air. the further secondayr lure is electrically induced ambience which mosquitoes find attractive as target.

Waterproofing Coating

We offer effective and competitively priced Waterproofing Coating for wet slabs (under brickbat coba), basements etc.


We manufacture blends of Admixtures high reactivity pozzolonic materials (HRM) for improving quality of concrete and plaster. Available in 50 kg / 25 kg packing, these are offered at highly competitive prices.

Non Metallic Floor Hardener

Non Metallic Floor Hardener (DURONITE-QZ) is ideal cost effective solution for wear resistant heavy-duty industrial floors and slabs. It is made from special purpose quartz blended with specially formulated abrasion resistance enhancement material. It provides wear & abrasion resistant coat on the surface of new or existing concrete floors. It further imparts skid & slip resistance to the floor.